The history of 7R CST MTB Gdynia Marathon dates back to 2005. This means that this is the sixteenth time that the Gdynia Marathon XCM will be held by the sea. This year, for the first time, a marathon in the UCI C1 rank will be organized: Juniors, U23 and Elite at a distance of 110km and 55km. 
An additional category will be the Polish Cup stage and its final, together with the general classification award for the whole cycle. The Gdynia marathon is not only a treat for professionals. 
Competitors who don’t have a cycling licence will be able to compete over three different distances: 110 km, 55 km and 28 km (Gdynia Fun).
The route of the races traditionally leads through the charming forest roads of the Tricity Landscape Park, and the competitors will have a chance to compete, among others, in the area of the nature reserve Kacze Łęgi. 
Steep descents and strenuous climbs are guaranteed! The total elevation to be covered by the competitors on the circuit is 1250 metres! Depending on the distance chosen, participants will ride one or two laps.