Gdynia is the future

This is a young, dynamic, rapidly developing city which, thanks to the exemplary cooperation of many environments, stands out in terms of innovation in Pomerania and in Poland. Clean air, the coastal climate and excellent location foster creativity, taking up new challenges and setting ambitious goals, which are the domain of local residents.
Gdynia is nature. It is kilometres of sandy beaches and towering cliffs; it is a vast amount of greenery and dozens of hiking and biking trails. The variety of terrain is extraordinary: on the one hand, the Baltic Sea soothing with the sound of waves while, on the other, wooded hills bring to mind the scenery of southern Poland. The areas of the Tri-City Landscape Park are created for forest hikes, bike trips and contemplation of nature.
Gdynia is health. It is here that residents breathe the cleanest air in the country and fully indulge in their passions. Wide-ranging activities happen here both in magnificent sports arenas and urban spaces. The activity of Gdynia in the field of popularization of healthy lifestyle and preventive health care has been noticed and appreciated. The title of "Local government from the heart" is a kind of quality mark – a stamp sealing the healthy face of the city.
Gdynia is a smile. This is the happiest city in Poland, which is not afraid to follow its dreams. A rich cultural and gastronomic offer makes it impossible to get bored in Gdynia, and every day is treated like a great adventure.
Gdynia is emotion. These are events of the highest calibre, with tremendous energy generated by athletes from around the globe. Entrusting Gdynia with the organization of world championships in various disciplines confirms the potential of the city of sea and dreams. It's a clear message: Gdynia loves sport, and sportspeople love Gdynia.