An additional 10 km to ride and two loops of 55 kilometres. We now have more news about the XCM 7R CST MTB Gdynia Marathon 2021! The time has come for the first information about the tour.

In December we learned that the 16th edition of the Gdynia mountain biking competition joined the great family of the International Cycling Union (UCI). This prestigious award means that at the event’s starting line we will see not only Polish but also international leaders in mountain cycling. Now we know the alterations that have been made to the competition route.

In last year's jubilee edition of the competition, the organizers enhanced the competition by adding speed and more technical sections. Another novelty was the section over the flyover named after Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, the builder of the city. Thanks to this, competitors could briefly admire the view over the harbour and the northern part of Gdynia and... have the opportunity to see that they were really taking off at the seaside.

Could the changes planned for the 16th edition surprise those who have participated in the event on a regular basis?

Participants have discovered more than once that the Gdynia route can surprise you with its steep uphill stretches and its mountainous character – says Dariusz Batek, the director of the event. – This year's changes are aimed at making even better use of the potential of our chosen route, leading through the forest roads of the Gdańsk Forest District and the Kacze Łęgi Nature Reserve. We added new 10 kilometres, thanks to which the length of one loop has been extended to 55 km – he adds.

The part of the competition between Chwarzno-Wiczlin and the Marszewo Forest Botanical Gardens has undergone the biggest evolution, with the addition of a loop where competitors will be able to have a bit of a chase, alternating between descents and ascents. The alteration also applies to the area of the return to the City Stadium, where a new, medium-difficulty driveway will be waiting. The interval character of the final part of the loop remains unchanged, while the initial section of the entrance to the forest for the second loop will be routed differently. This time, competitors will move slightly away from the railway line and gain another climb.

Will that be all the news? The competition director has not yet revealed this. However, we know that it is already worth marking the date of the 7R CST MTB Gdynia Marathon in your calendar. This year's 16th edition of the competition is scheduled for September 19, 2021. The day before, there will be an event dedicated to younger cyclists organised by the city of Gdynia.